Candace was an indispensable member of our birth team.

Every pregnancy and labor are bound to progress in their own way—some parts positive and some less so. Looking back, our experience seemed relatively drama-free, but we also recognize that it may have been much more complicated without Candace’s guidance and support.

The hard parts were never too unwieldy with Candace in tow. When our 20-week ultrasound produced some concerns, Candace comforted us at home and joined us for subsequent trips to the clinic. When we had questions, Candace came back promptly with confident answers, suggestions, and resources for us to consider. When labor ran long or stalled entirely, Candace knew just what to say in order to keep us both encouraged and willing to try new things. Repeatedly, she gave us what we or our midwives could not.

As first-time parents and new residents of Boise, we so appreciate Candace for her hard work in getting to know us as individuals and a couple. She invested far more time and effort into relationship building with us than we expected, and she earned our unconditional trust in the process.

Our experience with Candace was personal, motivational, and otherwise invaluable. We are so grateful for Candace’s wanting to work with us and cannot recommend her more highly to other parents-to-be.

Jonathan and Colleen

Posted 11/25/2017



Candace is everything my husband and I needed in a doula. When I first entertained the idea, my husband thought I wasn’t bonkers, and my mom was offended. They were perplexed I wanted another support person involed with my birth. Well I convinced my husband to go ahead with it, this is what I wanted and what I felt we needed.

Candace proved to be invaluable before hand with resources, books, talks, and was always there to call or text at any point. She made herself available for our experience, before it all happened. She went with me to a prenatal appointment and established herself confidently in our birth experience.

When time came, with our baby on the way, she was there. Met us at the hospital, and checked in with us all the time as we progressed through labor. She made sure my husband and mom were taking care of themselves as well as taking care of me. She had a presence of calm for the whole nursing team, my family, and me. She was simply extravagant and a perfect example of a servant. That’s what this job is, being a servant, and being a support for anyone there.

As we continued in labor, she suggested many ways to be comfortable, she suggested many ways to keep moving, to keep progressing. She was there to get my attention off of labor and onto “being butter” as she called it. Melting and being one with a contraction. She is able to step up to the plate, in confidence, on how to approach the next minute. When needed she would reassess and go back at it. She does amzing work at being there to bring you down.

On top of it all, she is an incredible photographer ! I have pictures that she took and am in LOVE.

Candace knows her stuff, her personality is one of confidence, passion, respect, drive, and above all Love. She has a servants heart. She kept me grounded and watched out for my family. In my book, she’s family.

Posted 10/2/2017



Words cannot describe what a wonderful person and amazing doula Candace is. She was an excellent resource, such a positive presence, and was always available. The night my labor started, I called her and she picked up before the first ring. I was planning an unmedicated birth, and wanted to labor at home as long as possible, but my labor progressed much faster than anticipated. I transitioned at home and realized I needed to push while I was still in my bathtub. We somehow made it the 20 minutes to the hospital, and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Candace came running. I heard my husband breathe a sigh of relief when he saw her. I was SO happy she had beat us there. I clung to her through contractions, water running down my legs at the emergency entrance, and she skillfully and patiently coached me upstairs to labor and delivery. Somehow, the pain was much more manageable with her there. Her words and touch were comforting and empowering at the same time. Labor can be a scary experience, but having her in my corner advocating for me was indispensable- I think without her I would have been sent to triage- which would have been CRAZY- I needed to push! She came completely prepared, knew what I was experiencing, and anticipated my every need. She was so encouraging, supportive, and reassuring throughout. I found out later that she had communicated with my midwife to make sure she arrived on time. I was grateful for my fast labor, but in a way, was a little bummed/jealous we didnt get to spend as much time with Candace during the process as other couples! She stayed to make sure we had everything we needed, took photos- they were amazing- which isnt easy with hospital lighting, and delivered our placenta to the doula who encapsulated it. I did so much to prepare for this birth, but my husband and I agree that hiring Candace was, hands-down, the best thing we did. I am so grateful for her; I cant imagine giving birth in the future without her.

Posted 9/24/2017



Candace was one of the doulas recommended to me by the midwife at the birth center we chose. My husband and I interviewed several people, they were all incredibly friendly, but when we met with Candace she just felt right. She was very down to earth and genuine. She made me feel totally comfortable with where I was at, even though I felt incredibly unprepared.

Every time we met she loaned me books, recommended web pages to check out, and gave me exercises to do. She helped me talk through some of my issues from our miscarriage a couple of years earlier. She came to the house and helped my husband and I practice different comfort measures so we weren’t learning on the spot on the big day!

When I went into labor I called her. She was competely calm, helped me know when to call the midwives, reminded me what to eat/drink/do while I was at home. I ended up being very sensitive to touch and couldn’t handle any kind of massage or hands on help during labor, but she was at my side non-stop. She encouraged me and helped me stay focused on my breathing which I think are the only reasons I made it through the birth without freaking out halfway through! She had water/gatorade/food available, all I had to do was look at it and she would get it. She helped my husband know when and how to help and made sure he rested when it was a good time. She had music and snacks, she took pictures (I was oblivious when it was happening but SO grateful when she sent them afterward!) and basically did everything and more that my mom or sister would have done if they could have been with me. Having her there for the most stressful/beautiful moment in our lives felt completely natural and comfortable. Since the baby was born she has checked up on us, recommended great lactation consultants, helped me learn about circumcision, given me milk bank references, and on and on! Both my husband and I agreed that if we had another baby we would ask Candace to be our doula again.

Posted 4/7/2017



While searching for a doula I kept coming back to Candace’s profile for some reason. So we set up an interview with her and come to find out we knew her through mutual family/friends. Of course we fell in love with Candace and told her at the end of the interview that we were hiring her for sure! 🙂 Throughout my whole pregnancy Candace was so knowledgable and helpful, she gave us books and resources to read up on before baby came. She was always there to answer any questions we had and became a good friend of ours. I can honestly say I don’t think I would have been able to go through my labor and birth without her there. She was my rock and guided me through my contractions with her encouraging words. Her voice was so soothing to me while my contractions were at their worst. I wouldn’t go through anyone else for my pregnancy/birth and certainly will use her for our next baby 🙂 I highly recommend using Candace! You will LOVE her!

We love you Candace! Thank you so so much friend!!

Posted 4/5/2017



Hands down, hiring Candace to be our Doula was one of the best decisions my husband and I made during our pregnancy. She was beyond supportive and educational, she was like family. Candace attended a birth class with me, answered a million questions via text at random hours when I needed her and helped to build my confidence that I was strong enough for the natural birthing experience I wanted!Her constant motivation and compassion were present throughout our entire pregnancy, not just on the big day while I was in labor.

During labor, all 21 hours of it, Candace was right by my side.She was there making sure my husband and I were both taken care of and comfortable. She took photographs, which are some of my favorite pictures of my husband and I to this date and she helped keep the mood light. We had great music playing, she brought twinkle lights to help create a more comfortable environment and we laughed reading notes from my friends and family. When things got more serious she kept me focused and made position suggestions which helped move things in the right direction. Labor was tough and it was long, there was a moment when I doubted myself and sure enough, her and my husband were right there building me up and reminding me how strong I was and how close we were.

When we left the hospital and went home, Candace was over a couple days later. We talked about my experience and discussed some nursing questions I had.To this day, I know that I have a friend in Candace and she still follows up with me to see how our little family is doing.

Since you’re here reading this, you are considering a doula-and I promise you will not be disappointed with Candace, she is amazing! If we have another baby, she will be on Team Johnson again. I cannot express enough love or gratitude for her and all that she did. I will forever cherish the day my daughter was born and Candace played a major role in that.Thank you Candace!

Posted 4/5/2017



Hiring Candace was the best decision in preparing for my first baby’s birth!  She made the entire experience so much more bearable in that her supportive approach helped calm my nerves and empowered me to face such a life changing event.  She had an incredible ability to put my mind at ease when my early labor felt almost unbearable by suggesting maneuvers to help my baby descend. During my (long) active labor, she diligently worked to ensure both my husband and I were comfortable, nourished, and wholly supported. I greatly appreciate her candor, her valuable birthing knowledge, and her gently, loving approach. She was a valuable asset to the amazing experience and I strongly believe that her help and support increased my success in bringing my son into the world. I will forever be grateful for Candace and her amazing contribution to my birthing experience!

Posted 3/8/2017


SheriLynn Schloemer

Our little love Leo was brought into the world in the most amazing way and Candace had a HUGE part in that! I had planned to have a natural, unmedicated birth long before I even became pregnant and began my research in how to make that possible. I knew that even with all the information I had, there was still a lot of unknown as we had never been through the birth experience personally. We chose to go the hospital route for our first and I knew that having a doula in that setting was a non-negotiable. We wanted a support person with us throughout the process. This was not to take the place of my husband, but to provide the confidence and tools neccessary in having the experience we desired.

As soon as we met with Candace in the initial meeting, we knew she was exactly the person we wanted on our ‘team’. I immediately texted her and invited her to be apart of our experience! We met with her a handful of times leading up to Leo’s birth and she instilled in us the confidence and peace we needed to not fear the birthing experience. We talked about everything from prenatal care/excercises to postpardum nitty gritties. We felt prepared and ready for when the time came. Candace was exactly what we needed during labor. She was always present and available when needed, but really let my husband and I experience everything together like we wanted. She gave advice and suggestions to my husband in how to best help me without being patronizing or demeaning towards him. She set up the room with cozy lights, candles, and my essential oil diffuser; it was dreamy and such a beautiful environment to labor in.

While labor and delivery were certainly the hardest physical experience I have been through, we were able to have the natural birth we wanted! I feel so much joy and pride following my experience and know that Candace was a huge part of that! I would hire her again in a heart beat and will be forever grateful for her gentle and caring spirit!

Posted 3/6/2017



Candace is wonderful blessing. The doula I hired, who is also wonderful, was unable to attend our birth, through no fault of her own. Candace graciously stepped in, and the doulas worked as a team to support me through my experience. I felt like I had two amazing doulas all to myself.

Candace treated my husband and I like we were the only people in the world who mattered. Although we know that she had other moms to support immediately before and after our birth. She acted as a guide, a coach, and even a friend. She made herself completely available to us, and she went out of her way to visit me after the birth. My entire birth team was excited to work with her, including the hospital staff, and my own family is still raving about her strength and patience throughout the incredibly long ordeal. And she’s got personality! This woman had control of the situation from the moment we first met her. We easily placed our confidence in her as we journeyed into the unknown

Candace never let me stop breathing during one of the toughest trials of my life. My husband’s own words: She was conscientious of the space that [I] needed, and she is deeply committed to her work.

We are thrilled to have met her. She holds a special place in our lives and hearts now.

Posted 1/8/2017



Candace is amazing! While interviewing for Doulas, we came along Candace and knew from the first moment that she was going to be amazing! She is super sweeet, helpful, and was always available! She was very understanding and accomidating when it came to payment, and made things easy and smooth. We had access to her library of books, which gave us more information on the birthing process, pre and post-natal care making the experience easier. Once I went into Labor Candace was at my home in minutes, and stayed with us until hours after the birth. She thought of everything! From water to chapstick to food to keep my husband and I going. She was very professional with the hospital staff, which made things super smooth in the delivery room, as well as helping make sure that we were well informed about all decisions and actions being taken. She was calm and caring through the whole process, we never wanted for anything, and took priceless pictures that we will cherish forever. Candace has been like a close friend I have had for years. Not only did she make our birth experience memorable and enjoyable, but I feel that we have gained a trusted and precious friend! We couldn’t have been any happier with our birth! And if we ever decide to have any more babies, Candace is on our speed dial! We HIGHLY reccomend her to anyone looking for a Doula. We can’t say enough how amazing she was from start to finish! We are so happy our daughter had such a careing and awesome team to welcome her into this world. Candace has been there and absolutely awesome from being informative in the beginning, to being hands on in the delievery room for eberything we needed, to post-natal care in helping us get whatever help we need and checking in to make sure eveyrthing is still ok. Trust me, Candace is the girl you’re looking for!

Posted 12/22/2016



I met Candace summer of 2016. We discussed previous labor and delivery experiences hopes and desires for my surrogacy pregnancy and delivery. I had never utilized a soul a before so Candace was wonderful in allowing me to ask her tons of questions! She was so easy to talk to and easy to schedule times to meet up. Candace was willing to work with my surrogacy labor and delivery and help coordinate ommunication with the babies parents. She made my whole process streamlined!

I went past the due date of September 23 which most of us kind of expected! Candace was so generous and kind to keep her schedule open in case spontaneous labor happened. I ended up being induced and the labor plan was to try and use alternate pain relief methods. When contractions got stronger she helped me decide what methods to use and helped keep my mind clear and motivated. We used the yoga ball and she encouraged me to move around if my body told me to move. My body progressed super fast which none of us expected. My body told me to move onto the bed. I had used a dose of fentanyl IV medication but within an hour my body was ready to push. Candace helped me position myself for optimal labor progression and when I was ready to push I had a ton of positive reinforcement throughout.

I did not use an epidural (mainly because my body progressed too fast and the anesthesiologist did not come in time) but my goal was achieved to avoid using an epidural and without Candace to help me – I would have gave in sooner. As hard as it is to have a baby naturally I am so thankful for the experience and confidence that Candace has.

I will certainly utilize her services (and friendship!) if I ever have another baby surrogacy or not. Thank you Candace for the support!!

Posted 10/18/2016



Candace was an amazing doula! We are so thankful that we found her and that we had her by our side for our son’s birth.

We were a bit skeptical on whether we actually needed a doula since we planned to give birth at a hospital and were open to using pain medicine. However, Candace proved to be a tremendous advocate for myself, my partner and my son, making sure our wishes were honored. She helped make sure I had the freedom of movement to labor as long as possible before the doctor recommended a c section after over 20 hours, including 5 of pushing. Candace was also very helpful after the baby was born with lactation support, grocery shopping, and making sure I rested and had help around the house as I recovered, physically and mentally.

We would use her again in a heartbeat and can’t recommend her highly enough!

Posted 9/27/2016



We are so glad we chose to have Candace at our birth! It was our first baby and we had her at a birth center so I wanted to be sure we had positive people around me to encourage me in the right way and Candace was exactly that! I went into labor at 10:40 pm and she stayed with us until early into the morning, as long as we needed her! She was such a huge help and I feel so blessed to have met her. Her sweet and joyful personality is contagious and just makes you want to be around her! She was so helpful to both me and my husband and worked very well with the midwives. Her smile never left her face and she was such a wonderful encourager. She respected our wishes for our birth and I fully believe that she played a big part in it going so well! I recommend everyone have a birth doula especially with their first baby and Candace is absolutely amazing!

Posted 7/20/2016



We hired Candace for the birth of our first child, Booker, and we will be forever grateful for her calm demenor, vast knowledge, sweet personality and love for her work. She met with us multiple times prior to giving birth and was comfortable discussing sensitive topic matters and didn’t hesitate to ask hard questions. She’s the ultimate support for both myself and my husband. She made it possible for my husband to focus on me and then when the time came, my husband went to be with our son and Candace stayed with me. The birth of our son was incredibly fast and stressful for myself because it was so unexpected. Candace was amazing during this time. We pulled up at a stoplight as we were driving to the hospital and I looked over to see Candace in the next car over telling me to stay calm and breathe. She stayed with me as my husband parked the car and continually gave me positive feedback and encouragement. I walked in dilated to 7cm and had hit transition in the car. Candace stayed by my side, repeated positive reminders and was a barrier from the negative. From the time we walked in to the hospital until our baby boy was born, it was 50 minutes. I will be forever grateful for Candace’s calm disposition during that crazy time for me. When I felt I was spinning out of control she would remind me to breathe and stay grounded. She’s a special person that was made to be a doula. She was the best choice for us and an easy choice after meeting her for the first time. We will hire Candace when we have another child as she was exactly what I needed. She was quick to respond to text messages, gave great advice, borrowed us lots of reading materials, was at the hospital the second we needed her, and always was in my corner being my advocate. She knew what we wanted because she listened. Choose someone as your doula who will listen to you, advocate for you and be in your corner. Birth can be a scary time, but having the right support person can make a huge difference.

Posted 6/6/2016


After having two cesareans I wanted a VBA2C, and I knew that having a doula would increase my chances. I can honestly say that having Candace with us made all the difference. She knew exactly what to do and what to say. If there was anyone meant to be a doula it’s Candace. She was so supportive my entire pregnancy and invaluable in the delivery room. I was able to have a VBA2C because of Candace. She was never pushy and never took the place of my husband. Even just knowing that I would have someone with me all the time was very comforting, that my husband could rest or go to the bathroom and I would still have someone there.

I had a horrendously long labor and Candace was either with me or texting me through most of it. She sent me YouTube videos of things to do to get baby engaged. When we went to the hospital in the middle of the night to get checked she came with us. She was positive and encouraging the entire time even after a night of no one sleeping. She was calming when I started panicking about the pain I was in after two failed epidurals. She took priceless photos and video of the labor and delivery that I never got with my first two because they were c/s. She followed up several times after the delivery which was also wonderful. Candace is an amazing person and I could just go on and on about how wonderful she is.

Posted 5/10/2016



 On March 11th I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, it was a long labor and as a first time mom I was terrified going into it. Candace put my mind at ease from the beginning. She made both me and my husband comfortable and was so supportive of everything that I/we wanted out of my birth. She was there the entire 17 hours and was a huge help to not only myself but also my husband when I could not articulate what I needed. I can honestly say that birth work is this woman’s calling and I do not think I could have had the labor/birth I desired without her. Even my husband who was hesitant about hiring a doula in the beginning has raved about her and has been changed by the experience.

Posted 3/25/2016



We were so grateful to have Candace as our doula. She was warm, kind, thoughtful and ready to do anything to help. What I appreciated most was that she wanted what was best for me; our family, preferences and needs were what was most important to her and that was exactly what I needed. I loved having someone with me the whole time I was laboring. My husband took breaks, relaxEd and enjoyed the process knowing that when he wasn’t with me I was in excellent hands with Candace. She took care of both of us, making sure we were hydrating, eating and resting. Also, we both enjoyed chatting with her when my nerves were running high – it calmed us both and prepared us to focus on and enjoy delivery. She took beautiful pictures of the first few moments with our little girl and I am so happy she did. I was impressed with how she captured those special moments and helped us enjoy them while also giving us enough space that my husband and I were able to become closer and privately enjoy those first moments with our baby girl together. Somehow she knew when to step in and when to step back and we appreciated that. She stayed with me after the delivery, only leaving when she knew we were settled. I also loved having her come visit me a week later. She answered my questions and was happy to “debrief” about the delivery, which was something I needed. I really feel Candace shared in our joys and was just as excited as I was throughout the whole process and that made my experience just that much better. My husband and I both connected with her and knowing that we had another person on our team was exceedingly helpful. I reflect on my labor and delivery often and am so grateful for the kind, supportive, helpful and caring role Candace played in it. I loved my birth experience – not only was I able to have the uncomplicated VBAC I was hoping for, but I felt loved, supported and helped all along the way. Candace was an important part of that experience and I am so glad she was!

Posted 3/20/2016



I am writing a review from the husband’s perspective. Candace came highly recommended from our birth class instructor and friends. While we thought we would hire a doula I had one reservation and that was about being demoted – I wanted to avoid feeling like an outsider to the birth process. Husbands, Candace won’t replace you – she’s going to make you a freaking hero in your wife’s eyes.

Candace recognizes the finest most nuanced stages of birth – things you won’t see and will completely have forgotten about in the heat of things. These are all opportunities for support or stress. At one point I remember my wife shivering in pain, Candace said, “What she needs right now is for you to stroke her arms.” She’d tell me, “right now your wife isn’t going to want to talk much.” Everything she said was the right call.

My wife remarked after she gave birth, “How do people have a positive birth story without a doula?” We educated ourselves by taking two classes and reading books. I don’t consider myself inept when it comes understanding the needs of my wife. It is pregnancy that I don’t understand like a Doula does – and for that I think Candace will help you both have a beautiful birth experience.

A few final thoughts on Candace. She’s incredibly smooth. She’ll be a fly on the wall but when you need her she’s the best person for the job. Her countenance is cool, collected and ever so positive. She’ll take your birth plan and put it into action. Your birth room will be safe and judgment free. You’ll forget she was there during the most tender and vulnerable moments but you’ll always remember the incredible help she was. No words will ever portray our gratitude for Candace.

5/5 would doula again

-Trent C.

Posted 3/14/2016



I am beyond grateful for Candace as our doula. This being our first baby, my husband and I thought it would be valuable to have the support of someone who had been through the process and could help us cope with the journey. I can not imagine a person more perfectly suited for this role. Candace has the most calming, kind presence and is so easy to connect with. We both felt comfortable with her right away. I unexpectedly went into labor 4.5 weeks early, while my husband was out of state. I was terrified, but thankfully we had decided to utilize Candace’s services. She met me at the hospital and was beyond comforting, helping me to stay calm and utilize the tools to have a mindful, positive birth. She created a relaxing environment with candles and music, and made sure that I was eating, hydrating, and caring for myself. Candace maintained communication with my husband when I was unable to to, and did a remarkable job of keeping me in good spirits while I waited for him to arrive at the hospital. Once he arrived, I was ready to help my labor progress. Candace was very respectful of my wishes and reminded us of tools I could use to help my labor along, all the while helping both of us to stay grounded, present, and engaged with the labor process. She is extremely knowledgable and helped to normalize changes I was experiencing, things that could have been scary had she not been there to help us understand that they were positive signs of labor progression. She was incredibly encouraging, and helped me to feel confident that I was doing a good job and that I could handle my labor. She was a fantastic coach to my husband and made him feel capable of caring for me in the way that I needed. I remember my labor and delivery as a magical experience, but I cannot imagine what it would have been like without her support. I wish that everyone could have the beautiful birth that I was so lucky to have, and so much of that was due to the comfort and wisdom of Candace!

-Amanda C.

Posted 3/10/2016



My husband and I decided to use a doula midway through my pregnacy. I had been having some unusual pains and wasn’t sure what I should do. It was the weekend so my Dr. wasn’t available, only the after hours on-call number. I talked to the on-call Dr., but was left with uncertainty about what was happening and if I should be concerned. I talked to Candace later that evening when the pain and fear had not subsided and she walked me through what was happening, what I should do, and when I should become concerned. She also checked on me the next day.  That was when we realized how invaluable Candace would be to have on our team.

She was always available to answer my questions, went to my birth class with me when my husband couldn’t make it, and checked on me regularly.

My labor started fast and Candace was at the hospital only shortly after us. The entire time she supported both my husband and me.  She took care of things that allowed my husband to be in the moment with me. And things I would have never done for myself ( the nurses coming into my room kept saying it felt like a spa!). When the hospital staff was focused on getting my baby out, she was there to help me focus on breathing, pushing and relaxing when I should.

Candace has a fun and calming personality which always made me feel so much better about everything. I think it’s just as important that she made my husband feel more comfortable about the experience as well. I would recommend her for anyone one who is thinking about having a doula.


Posted 2/5/2016


I don’t know how to put into words how valuable Candace is. My husband and I had originally been unsure whether or not we needed a doula for our first labor until our midwife convinced us to interview a few. We interviewed a doulas who were very nice but as soon as we met Candace we knew she was the one for us as we just connected with her energy. When you meet her you just know she is a natural at what she does and it is her calling.

We had planned to have a natural unmedicated birth at a local birth center and my pregnancy was a healthy and low risk one. Candace met up with us at our home, came to an appointment at our birth center and also attended birth classes with us to make sure we were on the same page.

My labor didn’t go as planned. My hypnobirthing techniques mostly went out the window and I ended up with a long 55 hour labor. Candace was involved right from the start and was ready to come to our house as soon as we needed her. She arrived at our house with candles and very calm/positive as I was feeling discouraged after it had been 24 hours and wasn’t progressing much. She encouraged me, helped my husband stay calm and was right by our side from the moment we needed her. She followed us to the birth center when it was time and stayed with us there as I labored for another 12 hrs. She helped me through all of my contractions, kept me calm and my focus off of how much time was passing.

I ended up having to transfer to the hospital when too much time had passed since my water broke and baby hadn’t arrived yet. When I got to the hospital I was told that if I didn’t dilate soon I would be having a c section. I firmly 100% believe that Candace was a key part in helping me achieve a vaginal delivery at the end as she never stopped encouraging me, listening to me and coaching through every push. You cannot put a price on her services. I will forever be thankful for her being a part of our birth!

-Genn D.

My husband and I were both so pleased with the help recieved from Candace! She really took the time to get to know us while I was pregnant, she really was interested in knowing my likes and dislikes regarding labor and delivery. With my first labor and delivery we did not have a doula, and really could have used one. So she took things from our first experience and asked us what we would like to see different if possible. Knowing not just any doula would be able to match our style, it was nice to know that Candace felt the same. That’s where we were all able to be relaxed about learning each others styles. It was soon VERY obvious to my husband and I that Candace matched our style so we were so excited to have her be a part of our birth.
When time came for baby to come… it was kinda crazy! I was right at 41 weeks, not stressed, rushed, or nervous, I knew things would happen all in good time, Candace was amazing at sharing this good mojo! 🙂
My first, and very INTENSE contraction was at midnight. It took about 3 contracions to know that it was time to make some phone calls. Thankfully Candace just happen to live right down the road from us at the time, so it took her about 2 mintues to get to our house. My entire labor and delivery was 3 hours and 24 minutes! So I kinda felt bad that Candace didn’t get much time to spend with me during labor. She was so receptive to my needs, and even without me asking! She was confident and encouraging! It was so nice having someone else there to help with positional changes or requests I might have.

Thank you Candace for making our 2nd birth even that much more special and enjoyable!

~Tanya and Matthew

There is not a enough words in the world to describe how grateful I am to Candace. I had just moved to the area a month prior to my baby’s birth and I was scrambling to decide who I should have for my birth team. This was my third child, but my first time having a doula. I was trying for a natural VBAC a wondered if I really needed a doula. I am so glad that I did pick Candace. She was born to be a doula. When we when to the hospital, even though I only met her weeks prior, because of her experiance, she was so acutely attuned to my needs it was amazing. She was there for all the little things that mattered from helping to put on my little hospital socks (believe me that is hard to do prego, and while you are contracting) to pretty much reading my mind when I needed water. All I had to do was think it, and Candace was there to fulfill my needs. When it came time to push, (since this was my first natural birth) I was pushing but it didn’t seem to work. And then in the midst of all the commotion, I could hear Candace say “ blow through your bottom”. And at that moment that advice totally made sense and when I “blew through my bottom”, my baby immediately slid out of the birth canal. It was amazing how she knew what to do, and say when I needed it. Candace was also a great support to my husband. When I needed him to help do the double hip squeeze, Candace was there to either help him do it, or assist in any other comfort measure that I needed.  Another favorite thing about having Candace, was that she was able to video, and capture moments of the birth that were just so precious, that if she was not there, they would all be just stored in my memory bank. Candace, cancelled her own family events just in case so that she could be there for my birth. She is truly a dedicated and fantastic doula.

-Audrey I.

I have had 4 kids. I have always wanted a no medicated birth but didn’t know how to acheive that by myself. Finally with my fourth baby I found out about doulas. I searched for one whom I could trust and count on. Candace was that doula for me. Prior to the birth we met togehter to talk about my past births, my future birth goals, and just life in general. We met a few more times and she gave me so much insight and truly eased my nerves. I felt I knew I could achieve this birth with her by my side. Candace provided books for me to read about natural births. She sent me article and videos that I could casuallly read on my own. She gave me all the tools I needed prior to the birth that she could.

When I went into labor we both thought it would be rather fast. OF course nothing goes as planned and it lasted quite a bit longer than I expected. Candace made me feel comforable during that time. She was always thinking of my needs while at the same time not being over bearing. I felt the pressure of a fast birth subside and I was able to make it to the harder part of labor. Candace knew what positions to try next if one wasn’t working. I never had the thought that I was alone or didn’t know what to do. I felt so much confidence having her there with me, guiding me through the birth. I felt a lot of reassurance in a time that was unknown to me.

I could not have asked for a better birthing doula. Candace was amazing in every way. I could feel her positive energy the moment we met and I knew that’s what I wanted around me during my birth. She has an amazing ability and knowledge for the birth experience. I truly think it is her calling in life.

-Michelle B.

Candace Brown, was amazing. Not only does she have a fun and sweet personality that is easy to connect with, she is also very well educated and experienced in birth. Throughout my pregnancy she was able to help me find resources to prepare (such as books, movies, articles, things to practice, things to consider and more). My husband was my primary “coach” or “support” during labor, yet throughout my labor Candace knew just what to do. She would get me cold rags, then warm rags, then more cold rags, then warm blankets (after pushing I was cold). She held the puke bags for me, and got me lots of water. She was great at giving suggestions of what to try, and reminders to stay relaxed. She was a calm presence that no matter what was “going on with me” all would be okay and she know when it was time to call the doctor in. She helped my husband know what to do when he was unsure and guided us through this birth experience! Could not have done it without her, and won’t do it again without her!

-Valerie J.